In case you’re not sure what to expect from a club trip, here’s a quick rundown of how trips work and what you should expect, if this doesn’t answer all of your questions, get in touch with any of the committee who’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Club trips all run in a fairly similar way; starting right at the beginning, you can find out what trips are coming up during the semester from our Calendar. Then, about 2 or 3 weeks before a trip we’ll send out an email with some more specific details of the trip, such as destination, the activities that we might be able to do and reminders of what you’ll need, this email will also tell you when you can sign up.

Sign up for most trips will be in the finance office, to get there head up the stairs in the SU building towards plug bar, at the top, turn 90 degrees to your right and go through the doors straight infront of you. The finance office is the two large windows on the left. Tell the nice people behind the windows which trip you want to sign up for and they’ll give you the list, make sure you fill in all the boxes and read the participation statement, and then give them your money. Some of the trips fill up very fast so you might want to get there a little while before the list is due to go up.

There are two pick up locations for each trip, you’ll need to choose which one is best for you when you sign up. The first one is on campus and is located in the bus lay-bys in the middle of the east car park, on the road which continues on between Solsbury and Woodland Court. The second is in the entrance to the Sainsbury’s car park. From town; head through green park station, past the front of Sainsbury’s and over the bridge, go straight on at the mini-roundabout and the lay-by is just in front of you. From the Oldfield Park side of town go into the main entrance to Sainsbury’s car park (not the entrance between Homebase and Sainsbury’s petrol station), the lay-by is on the left before the mini-roundabout.

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A few days before the trip you’ll get details of which vehicle you’ll be in and when you need to be at your pick-up location, try and get there a little early if possible to give us time to pack the vehicles and make sure we can get away in good time.

Most of our trips will leave on a Friday evening and return late on Sunday. On almost all of our trips we’ll stop at a takeaway on the way there and back, this’ll be a Chinese, or Chippie or something similar. In most cases there’re shops nearby for the more healthy among us, or you could always bring some cold food along with you to eat.
For Saturday night you’ll need to bring your own food on most of our trips (but look out for some that you don’t). All of the places we stay will have cooking facilities including hobs and ovens, some even have microwaves, so you should be able to cook most things. You’ll also need food for breakfast and lunches and some kind of high energy food like chocolate to take out with you during the day.

Most of the places we stay have top notch facilities, including hot showers, heating, electricity etc, don’t worry, we do treat you well! On the other hand some places don’t and sometimes we’ll camp, so make sure you read the details of the trip first!

We’ll arrive at our destination late on Friday night, and aim to get two full days of activity in on Saturday and Sunday, obviously most of the stuff we try and do is weather permitting, but we do have wet weather alternatives including gear shopping, pubs, cafes and maybe even indoor climbing!

For more details of where we go and what we do, check out the other pages of the website including the trip logs of what we’ve done in the past, or if you really want to find out what it’s like, get yourself on a trip!