Before you join

If you're not sure whether the Mountaineering Club is right for you there are plenty of ways to find out more:

  • First of all, explore the website, there's loads of info on here about the club and what we do.
  • Check out the forums, the public forum is there for you to ask any questions before you've joined so feel free to make use of it!
  • Come down to our stand at the Sports fair where we'll have plenty of people on hand to answer your questions.
  • Feel free to email any of the members of the committee using the email addresses on the Committee page.

We'll also be holding events during and shortly after freshers week. You don't have to be a member of the club to take part in any of these activities, so get yourself along! Check the calendar closer to the time and keep an eye out in freshers week for more details on dates and locations.

How to join

To join the club you first need to complete Registration On-Line with the University, you then need to register with the Students Union. Once you've done this and you've got all of your confirmation emails etc, you can start joining sports clubs and societies. To join any Sports Clubs you first need to join the Sports Association. You can join the both SA and the Mountaineering Club here. If the BUMC is your first club, join using the 30 pound option as this includes the SA memebrship. If you have already joined the SA through another club, choose the 20 pound option. This might sound like a lot of joining and confirming, but it will be worth it I promise!

Once you've joined the club you can sign up to the forums, make sure you use your bath email and then get chatting!

Once you've joined

Even if you've already made up your mind and join the club straight away, make sure you come along to as many of our events during freshers week as you can to meet the committee and new club members.

After that, the dates for our trips up to christmas are up in the trips section and the forum, so go and write them in your diary and keep the weekends free! There'll also be wall-trips and a social every week, keep an eye on your inbox and the forums for details of what days of the week these will take place on.

Being a member of the club also lets you borrow equipment from our gear store (for free!). For more info on what we have in the store and how to get to it, click here.

We will also be advertising many of our trips on our Facebook page: