Roles of the Committee

Thinking of running for the Committee? Or just interested in what part each of the Committee members plays in the running of the club? Then read on, if you've got any more questions about a particular position, drop them an email on the email address on the current committee page.

All roles

All committee members need to be enthusiastic and dedicated to the club. You'll be expected to attend regular committee meetings and to organise at least one weekend trip during the year. As a whole, the committee represents the club. You'll need to be available to advertise at events such as the Freshers' Fair, and willing to talk to countless students to convince them that mountaineering is as much fun as we all know it to be! Helping out other committee members is always appreciated, especially when those coursework deadlines hit!


The Chairperson should be highly involved in the majority of the clubs activities and trips. The position would suit someone with good organisation, delegation and people skills. As the figurehead of the club you are known by everyone and should be friendly and approachable. The main tasks within the club include the weekly newsletter to keep all members informed of the clubs activities, the running of committee meetings and ensuring that everyone on the committee knows what they are doing and that they do it! You also have to attend meetings within the SA, sign off risk assessments for all the trips and generally get to know all the SU staff including transport, finance and health and safety. If that's not enough you are also expected to organise the Freshers' Weekend Trip, Christmas Weekend Trip and the Summer BBQ Trip and make speeches whenever anyone shouts 'speech'! A suitable candidate would benefit from previous knowledge of the running of the club or similar organisation and be able to put a lot of time and effort into the position. A wide knowledge of mountaineering especially within the UK is also useful although in depth technical knowledge is not essential. Finally a large email inbox is essential as is the time to reply to all enquiries!


The role of Treasurer should ideally go to someone with a good autograph, as the bulk of the position involves signing lots of papers and trying to make sure they all go to the right place! Attending Student Union meetings and lots of communication with various people within the SU mean that the treasurer gets a good understanding of how the union works, and getting to know the right people can make your job a lot easier (make the finance ladies your friend and you're sorted!). The treasurer needs to keep an accurate record of the money coming in and out of the club and by combining this record with balance sheets provided by the S.U they decide how best the clubs money should be spent, and make sure that the club doesn't get in trouble for going hideously over budget! The Treasurer should be an approachable person with the ability to communicate clearly. It is important that the treasurer should be readily accessible for form signing and sorting out any problems other committee members might have with sorting out trip finances. Being good with numbers is also very important!

Club Secretary

Without the Club Sec the committee could not run. As Club Sec you are responsible for overseeing and minuting meetings, checking up on what people are up to, especially making sure accommodation is booked, and generally being a fount of all knowledge. The position requires you to be organised, maybe even slightly pedantic, and keen to make sure the club runs smoothly. A small knowledge of websites might also be useful as the Club Sec is also responsible for the club website.

Climbing Secretary

This role would suit someone that is a keen climber and has general knowledge of outdoor climbing locations with suitably graded routes for the group. Being able to lead and having good rope skills is also a plus and the ability ensuring that all members, regardless of their ability have the opportunity to take part in climbing related activities. The major part of the job is organising/sorting out beginner sessions at the start of the year and the indoor wall trips (and outdoor in the summer) - getting the trip lists out, checking them regularly, emailing everyone, ordering good weather at the crag, hoarding guidebooks and remembering to take them on trips etc. You must be able to commit several hours a week and be active within the club. You'll find yourself teaching things like belaying and rope skills throughout the year, so good communication skills are also handy.

Walking Secretary

The Walking Sec should enjoy walking and previous experience of planning walks and leading groups in the UK is beneficial but not essential. The role involves organising the Bath walk at the start of the year to introduce new members to the club and the planning of walks on weekend trips throughout the year. The Walking Sec should also promote walking in the club through the organisation of day trips, which enable the teaching basic walking techniques, such as navigation and map work.

Gear Secretary

The main bulk of the role is organising weekly meetings at the gear store to allow people to get equipment (these can be scheduled to your convenience, within reason). This means it's important for you to be around on campus a lot of the time to make sure everyone has the gear they need for trips. Other tasks include keeping the store tidy and checking, maintaining and purchasing club equipment. It allows you to get a better understanding of climbing equipment and gives you the opportunity to meet the BCH staff team, which is beneficial when purchasing your own gear. Some previous knowledge of gear is beneficial but not essential.

Social Secretary

The Social Sec is responsible for organising lots of great socials and booking rooms/food when necessary. A suitable person should be active socially within the club and very friendly and welcoming to all the new members. The general aim is to hold bigger and better socials than the previous Social Sec!

Web Secretary

The role of the web secretary is to ensure the smooth functioning of the club website and forums. A good working knowledge of websites is essential to the role; including web languages such as HTML and php in addition to programmes like FileZilla and Dreamweaver. It is up to the web secretary to constantly update the trip logs by writing reports of weekend trips, routes climbed, walks and scrambles done, as well as all the comedy moments that occur!

Voting Member

Voting members should be mountaineers with a broad range of experience and at least one set of mountain skills in which they are competent and knowledgeable. Their role within the committee is to provide support and facilitate a smooth running of the club. Experience of the club (or other similar organisations) is useful as they can be called upon to support less experienced committee members who are taking a committee position for the first time. Voting members have often held a committee position in previous years, though this is not a prerequisite. The role of a voting member is to cover any areas that are not being handled by one of the other committee positions. This might mean; helping with organisation before or during trips, running skills sessions to pass on their knowledge or liasing with the Students Union (or other organisation e.g. BMC) on any on-going issues the club may have.