The Committee 2011-2012

Without a group of people planning, organising and running activities, the Mountaineering Club wouldn't function. Below is the current BUMC Committee, a group of such people that run the club headed by the Chair. Each committee position has a dedicated role, along with the assisting the general organisation of weekend trips. To contact the committee either email, or send an email to individual committee members, addresses shown below.



Owen Tomlinson

Hi everyone!! My name is Owen and I am the club Chairman. It's my job to make sure the club runs smoothly and that you all have an amazing time! I originate from the deepest and darkest depths of the Devonian countryside and I am in my final year of a Sport & Exercise Science degree (yes, it is a real subject). I love going walking, scrambling, drinking tea and beer (not together), watching many games of rugby at the Rec and having a generally great time with my friends in the club. If you have any question about the club and its activities, just ask!




Robbie King

Hi guys, my name is Robbie and I'm this years club Treasurer and i'm currently in my third year of Electrical Engineering. This is my second year on the committee, my first was in 09/10 as club walking secretary. I enjoy all aspects of the club and have learnt a lot and had many amazing times both out on the hill and down the pub with all great people in the club. I think the clubs a brilliant place for people of all skill levels as there is such a diverse range of people and skill sets and everyone is always willing to help others out.



Club Secretary

Josie Venables

Hi I'm Jo and I'm your Club Secretary this year. I'm a final year Sports Scientist, just to prove that Owen wasn't lying, it is a real subject! My job within the club is to help make sure the club runs smoothly and ensure that things such as transport and accommodation are booked for our awesome trips. I'm a keen walker, boulderer and climber. My involvement in the club for the past few years has enabled me to improve personally in aspects of all of these interests. I'm sure to see you on a club trip, at the bouldering wall or down the pub soon!



Climbing Secretary

Geoff Pyatt

Some may say I'm a climbing nut others say I'm a bit jammy, but I'm not as hexentric as some of my Friends cam be. As the climbing secretary I will offer an open hand to help you crack your way into the amazing world of climbing. Give me an email and let me be your Sir Camalot to remove any anchors Houlding you back from enjoying the most Diverse, Amazing, Rewarding and Enjoyable activity you can do. Climbing is about trying to live your dreams.



Walking Secretary

David Clare

Hi, I'm Dave and I'm your walking secretary for the year! That means that I not only get to show off with the coolest title in the whole of the SU, but I also get to organise some dramatic walks (in the nice scenery sense, not the mountain rescue sense) and maybe a camping trip or two for you guys! I'm studying MechEng and coming from the Lake District made me a walker, a climber, and a good northern beer drinker and pie eater. If you have any questions over the correct pronunciation of 'Bath', or you fancy getting to know the beautiful surroundings our university is settled in, give me a shout!



Gear Secretary

Mungo Nash

Alright chaps? My name is Mungo and I'm your gear sec this year. I'm in the final year of my Biological studies. I'm a passionate climber, and always game for anything that rocks. My job within the club is to make sure the basic gear you'll need to climb on club trips is there for you to use.I'll also track you down and make sure the club gets it back; but don't worry, I don't bite!



Social Secretary

Adam Griffin

Hello. My name is Adam and I will be the Club's Social Sec this year. As Social Sec I will be organising loads of nights out, house parties and plenty of nights at the Club's local 'The Ram'. I am a second year Mechanical Engineer, originally coming from Zimbabwe but currently living in Sheffield and enjoying the nearby gritstone crags. Having had only limited outdoor experience before joining the club it has been a great way to meet new people and learn new skills and I would encourage anyone and everyone to join!



Web Secretary

George Stevens

Hi I'm George and I'm the web sec for this year. This means it is my job to make sure the website is always up and running, create pages (like this one), and try to help with any technical issues you may have. I come from Guildford, in Surrey, and am currently in my third year of physics. I enjoy walking, climbing (and everything in between), as well as having a few pints down the pub after a tiring day in the mountains! Going on trips with club has greatly improved climbing ability and confidence on the rock, and I look forward the coming year's trips.



Voting Member

Josh West

Final year civil engineer from Sheffield seeks gritstone edges under clear skies for trad climbing or even a spot of bouldering (no ropes attached).



Voting Member

Dan Staff

I'm Dan and I'm one of the longer serving committee members having started out as walking sec in 2008. I feel I have gained a lot over the years from the club and I'm keen to make sure others have the same opportunity. Most importantly to me the Bath University Mountaineering Club (and the Jonathon Conville Memorial Trust Fund) was instrumental in giving me the opportunity to get into Alpine Climbing. The club has also been the perfect way to meet like minded people and broaden my skills by learning to rock climb and how to climb on snow and ice. During the week I am a postgraduate research student with the Department of Physics, I also enjoy cooking and music.



Voting Member

Gavin Oliver

Hiya my name is Gavin, I am a third year mathematician and I am a voting member on this years committee. I take part in many trips as I love everything this club has to offer, whether it's rock climbing in the sun, a bimble around dartmoor (my favorite place) or if I'm half way up a snow covered mountain in Scotland. It's great! In other news, I'm a massive technophobe and I love to eat :)



Voting Member

Rebecca Pollard

Ay'up ducks! Am Becky from Hudds, West Yorkshire. I study pharmacy, me. Am a votin' member this year an' last year I wor social sec. I enjoy walkin', climbin', boulderin' and scramblein'. I LOVE diet coke! In me spare time, I go t'gym and watch 'somat for weekend' an' 'Geordie shore'. Donít worry I'm fluent in Southern as well as Northern English so hopefully most of ya can understand us. I am looking forward to another great year of club trips :D !