The Committee 2008-2009

Without a group of people planning, organising and running activities, the Mountaineering Club wouldn’t function. Below is the current BUMC Committee, a group of such people that run the club headed by the Chair. Each committee position has a dedicated role, along with the assisting the general organisation of weekend trips.


Sarah Bough

BUMC Chair

Climbing Secretary

Anthony Moore

BUMC Climbing Secretary

Walking Secretary

Dan Staff

BUMC Walking Secretary

Gear Secretary

James Downer

BUMC gear Secretary

Social Secretary

Owen Tomlinson

BUMC Social Secretary


Sam Cruickshank

BUMC Treasurer

Club Secretary

Alistair Everett

BUMC Secretary

Voting Member

Tim Ebdon

BUMC Voting Member

Voting Member

Adam Gayton

BUMC Voting Member

Voting Member

Jesse Dufton

BUMC Voting Member

Voting Member

Jerram Bird

BUMC Voting Member